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Learn to play one of the coolest instruments around. Using Upbeat Rock Academy techniques, you'll be up and running in no time! You choose the level you're comfortable with, and one of our experienced team will offer expert tuition so that you can get the best out of playing guitar - fast! To help you decide, Upbeat offers private or group guitar tuition.  Both have advantages - one-to-one tuition helps guide you through the intricacies of lead guitar, whereas our group sessions enable students to understand the dynamics of playing together.  

You can also get UCAS points learning Rock songs on guitar, by using Rock School grading!

Group sessions run at our studio on a Tuesday evening, one for children and one for adults. (Please check our timetable.)


Be the next Flea, Lemmy or Bootsy Collins! Come to Up-Beat for bass lessons from passionate music educators with tonnes of performance experience. 

We provide 1 to 1 private tuition catered to your learning style. 

Or if you'd rather get experience playing in groups, join one of our bands! Practice every week in our exciting performance space and make friends with other like-minded musicians.


You can choose to take grades or just learn for fun!

Upbeat supports all students in fulfilling their rock God dreams; we aid bands in securing performance opportunities to further enhance their performance skills. Join us today and start gigging as soon as your band is ready!


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You can come in at any level from already gigging to just starting out, our drum tutors Matt and Megan can teach you the skills you need to give your band the strongest rhythm section imaginable. 

To refine your personal technique we offer one to one lessons with our expert teachers.

You can also have group sessions where you practice as a band and develop your ensemble skills alongside other musicians with the same taste and passion in music!


Interested in learning keys? Fancy yourself as a singer-songwriter? 

We teach keyboard students of all ages and abilities and cater to a wide range of musical styles and genres.

Keyboard is an excellent instrument for those interested in developing their music theory or vocal work; a brilliant introduction into the music world.


If performance is not your thing, we support students in writing their own songs! Learn key compositional skills and write that album you've been dreaming about creating with expert advice from trained professional musicians.



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Ok. The band has the players. Bass, drums, keyboards and guitars are all sorted - now for the vocals!

If you're the type who wants to front the band, adding dynamics and vocal range to your style of singing is essential. We have all the right training to help you succeed as a semi-pro vocalist. With the advent of the X-Factor and other talent shows, most youngsters believe that the big time is around the corner. We can't help you if you decide on that route, (and in most cases it never materialises) but WE believe that with the right training, you will shine!

Singing with a band is a fantastic experience. Adding your own personality to the sound, and learning about working together - even writing together - will give your band the edge!

At Upbeat, you'll learn all this and more! 
We offer private vocal coaching, and introductory sessions to allow you the chance of singing live with the band! 


Never too old for rock and roll.

Whether you're 8 or 108, we support all learners of all ages and abilities.

We aim to provide a safe and comfortable space for adults interested in joining a band and making some noise!

It is NEVER too late to learn.

We believe in all of our students here at Upbeat. If you are unsure or would like more information, call us or send an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Prices start at £16 for half an hour.


For bookings contact accounts@upbeatrock.co.uk