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Upbeat Rock Academy teaches individual musicians how to work together to form a band.  Together you learn to listen to each other, to play in time and support each member of the band.  As well as improving musically, each person's communication and interpersonal skills improves along the way .  

The bands learn to cover famous Rock and Pop classics from Black Sabbath to The Beatles, and from Jimi Hendrix to Bruno Mars.  You'll learn how songs are developed and how to improvise in your own style.

We offer regular opportunities for the bands to perform in public, which helps your confidence and skills improve immensely.

Song writing is encouraged within each band, helping you develop your own personality. Led by our expert facilitators,  the bands discover lyric writing ideas, and chord sequences to build confidence in song writing. Also, using our video and audio company, GB ViSonic, students have the opportunity of recording songs, again helping you to improve on studio skills. 

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The Principles at Up-Beat

Upbeat Rock Academy is music school who aspire for all students to come together and make music. No matter what the age, Upbeat can guarantee that not only your music skills will drastically improve due to our professional training, but you will also make great friends who will share the same dreams and ambitions as you.

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Raising the Bar

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Never Too Old for Rock & Roll

Whether you are 8 or 80 Upbeat offers lessons and group practices to anyone of any age.

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Outstanding Quality

Here at Upbeat, many of our students acuired the knowledge and skills to go on to study at top class music universities such as The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, Leeds College of Music and Bimm.



Truly Top-Notch

Looking to expand your music studies? Whilst attending Upbeat, students have a massive advantage on progressing into college with having a lot of gigging experience and a chance to create a portfolio of music before hand.

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Only the Best

Are you the next George Martin? At Upbeat students gain valuable skills and accomplishments which will help students have a much greater CV therefore a much easier progression within the music industry.


How much do you charge for your teaching services?

£16 / 30 minute private session. Hiring fee is £30 for up to 2 hours.


Where do you hold your lessons?

We hold our lessons here at Upbeat Rock Academy.


Do you have specific teaching qualifications?

All our teachers are qualified and experienced. Refer to our Teachers page for more info.