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What is Up-Beat Rock Academy

Our experienced tutors will gradually guide each student, helping them build confidence and performance skills.
The Up-Beat Rock Academy (URA) makes it easy to make new friends with common musical interests. 

No music skills needed - feel free to get in touch to find out more.

During our sessions, which work in accordance with school term time, we guide each student's progression in their chosen musical field, and help them to develop musical mastery. We provide fun six-week rock sessions which fit in with school holidays.

Here at Up-Beat Rock, we feel that the most effective way of building confidence and skills are through the power of performance.
Our students will learn how to master the 'pre-gig nerves' along with the preparation and planning of putting on a Rock Show!
Gigs are regularly announced and added to the Gig list on our site, please check for details.


Making Learning More Enjoyable

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If you're the type who wants to front the band, adding dynamics and vocal range to your style of singing is essential. We have all the right training to help you succeed as a semi-pro vocalist. With the advent of the X-Factor and other talent shows, most youngsters believe that the big time is around the corner. We can't help you if you decide on that route, (and in most cases it never materialises) but WE believe that with the right training, you will shine!


I can honestly say that my son attending Upbeat has changed the course of his life.  Having taught himself guitar he decided to have a go at playing with others and that was when his interest really took off.  The lessons gave him the chance to grow musically, to learn to work with other like-minded musicians and above all to have fun.  I am sure that his time at Upbeat lead him to choose music as a career path and to get into LIPA Sixth Form. He has made friends for life - a great foundation and a dedicated an enthusiastic group of musicians.  I can’t recommend Upbeat highly enough!


—  Emma Cornah


Unit 5, Furness Dr, Poulton-le-Fylde FY6 8JS, UK

07894 882403

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